Monday, July 9, 2012

Breaking the Faith Barrier

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Sometimes, when we are tapped to do or accomplish a task that is new to us, the initial reaction is doubting ourselves. We might say that we can't do it and we are quite afraid to fail and that we might not qualified for such responsibility. If you read Exodus 4:1-13, Moses encountered the same feeling and anxiety. He was appointed by God to save the Israelites but he doubted himself despite the power that He showed upon to him. In our lives, we come to such stage, that we choose to ignore what He is asking and saying to us. It only shows that we don't trust ourselves and we don't have faith in Him. In order for us to break the barriers in faith, let us reject the following attitudes:

1. Doubt - Moses doubted that the Israelites will believe him that he was chosen by God to lead them. He insisted on this manner even if God showed him several proofs and provided assurance. If we have doubt in our minds, just continue to study the scriptures and it will reveal to us the biblical truth. By not trusting Him, it will only lead to disobedience and the blessings will not be completely poured into us.
2. Feeling of Inadequacy - Moses felt that he lack of skills in order to accomplish the commandment from God. He was afraid to speak and might lead for him to stumble. But what God said? That He will speak for him and leave up the rest to Him. Primarily, God is looking into our hearts for the qualifications and not the human factors as He is so powerful that He will give us everything we need.
3. Fear of Failure - Moses even asked God to replace him for such assignment. He was so afraid that he will fail and will not be victorious in this task. But isn't it obvious that fear of failure hinders us into saying 'yes' to God? Instead of giving Him our full trust, we chose to look into other paths as we are so afraid of losing. But be reminded that He is fighting on our behalf for every battle and the outcome is not His basis of looking into us, it is how we followed Him and how we put our faith on Him.

Let's leave the success or failure into Him, He is the one who will decide it and it shouldn't be our concern. We should have a heart that trusts Him and the attitude of being obedient. As we break down the faith barrier, we will be able to see the evidence of God's presence and power and experience the joy of obedience. In everything we do, we should only put our faith to Him that everything has a purpose and He will always there for us giving us protection and guidance.

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