Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trials Again?!

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Many things have been discussed about the trials, faith and obedience. For sure all of us have experienced difficulties in life and faced them in different ways, in different approach and several resolutions might have been applied to them. We should be reminded that these tests are part of our journey towards spiritual maturity. Yes, we are being tested and God doesn't want us to suffer. These are like midterm or final exams on which we must give our commitment and that we will never give up and put our trust in everything He do in our lives.

The best example of that greatest test and challenge was the time when Abraham was asked by God to offer his only son, his most cherished and precious son. If you will read Genesis 22:4-18, Abraham took the life of Isaac as it was directed by God and he didn't hesitate, instead he followed what was told to him. If we will only open our hearts, don't you think it is better to call these kinds of trials as obedience rather than suffering and sacrifice? Those latter words can bring negativity and don't imply any great results for us.  But if we put in our mind that those things are way of showing our obedience, then trusting and putting our faith to Him won't be that burdening.

Now, if we think that we are ready and we are doing those good things and yet we receive another adversity, don't take it as a tragic factor. Instead, take it as a challenge as it means that God wants us to take our faith and commitment to a new level. It is also a reminder that He is faithful to all His promises and that we will be greatly blessed for our obedience. Let's commit ourselves to God and the words "give up" shouldn't be part of our Christian lives. Yes I know that most of the times, these tests are painful but if we will only focus our eyes unto Him then we will be sure that He will wrap us with unending love and will lead us to great victory. Just remember the famous quote "In God We Trust".

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