Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One More Chance

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Nope, this isn't about that famous movie about Popoy & Basha. This is about ourselves and the people around us. Everytime we meet new friends I am very sure that there will always be an inclusion about the past, yesterday or last month or last year. Behind those closed doors were absolutely some mistakes and misfortunes, no exceptions. Each one of us has that past sins and adversities that somehow taught us in order to live a better life.

Given that fact, we can still encounter some people who choose to isolate theirselves and feel so sorry about those things they did "once upon a time". Also in our end, we sometimes feel ashamed of the wrong actions that we did long time ago and we are letting this dark shadow to haunt us. This kind of emotion can be a result of how are we looking into past and focus on those mistakes that will lead us to fear about judgment and the feeling of guilt.

But the best question is how our Father sees us? This my friend I can tell you that his lenses are always clean, no spots. He always sees us in the image of crystal clear water, no dirt and no bacteria. All of the past mistakes have been vanished upon seeking forgiveness and that should make us guilt free on how we look inside into our hearts. A better way to understand the deeper meaning of forgiveness is can be seen in John 8:1-11. It is about a woman who was caught committing adultery but Jesus did not judge her, instead total forgiveness and new chance was given.

Aside from that, there is grace that is always available and "free" for everybody. We know that if we commit mistakes, we hurt Him but since He has this unending love for us then we can be assured that there is no condemnation. Once we accept that forgiveness that He offers then we are certain that new chance and new beginning is in the making. Second chances are always best as we have the tendency to be better and these chances help us to strengthen our faith and cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. Everybody deserves a second chance.

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