Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rejoice in the Midst of Trials

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Everytime we have a problem, our primary focus, sometimes, is being withdrawn from God. We mainly concentrate on the issues that are coming to us and think about it most of the time that will lead to lose our attention from the Lord. It is not easy to suffer from a situation that you don't know what to do and don't have any idea how to overcome it. We should remember that during these hard times, we must focus our mind and spirit to the Lord and take advantage of the situation to meditate and become closer to Him.

It is so amazing to read David's verses of praise that are in Psalm 145:1-13. Despite those sufferings and lots of circumstances, he just surrendered everything to his Father and continuously praise Him and bring all the praises. For him, the center of his life is only God and that there is nothing that He can't do. All of his attention was only to God and he used his situation as an opportunity to meditate in His words.

As a believer, we are mostly being tested in the midst of trials; on how we will react on it and how our faith and trust will evolve. Adversities are part of Christian life and it makes us stronger about everything. When meditating through His words anticipate divine help and believe that we will claim victory for all these kinds of situations. So treat the problems in a positive way, rejoice in it and continue to believe in His power and spend time with Him. Use these times to devote a time only for Him. Isn't it wonderful that despite all these circumstances in life, we are rejoicing because we know that His presence will embrace us and lead us to His promises?

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