Sunday, November 25, 2012

Honoring Your Parents

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Recently, I've met someone whom I believe, is a very loving son. If you think that giving up dreams and goals just to take care of your parents can only be seen in movies, then you are wrong. During his college application, he got three scholarships abroad but he declined all of it because his parents were old and sick and he is their only child. He took care of his parents to the very best that he can. So he continued his studies in his home country and worked as a coach. In my opinion, he showed not just about loving your parents but also honoring them. 

Ephesians 6:2 (“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise) clearly states this directive from God. Honoring our parents is a commandment on which we should all obey. This directive should include loving them, bringing joy into their hearts, respecting them, taking care of them and most importantly obeying them. Yes, we are growing so fast and we might be busy in our present work, responsibilities or appointment. But we should never forget that our parents are growing old. Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness just to show them that you love and respect them? How much of your time you are willing to provide to them and taking care of them? We might also think that our parents caused us a lot of pain and that they did not do so much for us. There will be those memories when there was a lot of pain and struggles. Just surrender your hatred to God and empower the importance of forgiveness. Say to God that you are open for anything and He will show you the true meaning of love.

We should remember that obeying Him has its own gifts. In Exodus 20:12 (“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.), reveals the priceless gift that we will receive. I know it won't be easy for others to honor their parents due to the negative things that have happened in the past. Why don't we just remember those beautiful and happy moments with them, those joyful times that we spent with them and forgetting all the hatred and aches. And to the parents, let your children fly on their own and walk into their journey and embrace them with love. My happy moments with my parents were those times that I was with them abroad and spent quality time with them. Those days were priceless.

Presently, this guy that I'm talking about is now in Dubai. He asked his parents' permission to work here to earn more and be ready for his future. His parents allowed him, probably they thought that it is time for him to grow and find his passion. Maybe this is the priceless gift that this guy received that after taking care of his parents and ensuring that everything is okay now, he can now accommodate the plans for his future. This guy is my personal trainer in gym; I truly admire him on this aspect. I'm happy that I found this kind of person who is passionate on what he is doing and at the same time, a very loving person, friend, human being and most importantly, a SON.

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